We are nexa point

We help startups & small businesses increase efficiency and build scale strategically, with purpose.

I am passionate about helping founders build app and SaaS-based startup businesses.

I have an extensive background in managing dynamic operations teams and departments and understand the complexities of business mechanics. This expertise extends to a passion for driving transformative business improvements, navigating the intricacies of project management, and delivering effective technology solutions.

I’ve seen the world of startups from both sides: the burning ambition and the tangible execution. And I’ve learned it’s not just about making things fast, it’s about making things right.

That’s why I don’t just assist in developing and launching MVPs into the market, I stick around to offer guidance through growth phases. With an understanding of  what is needed to scale technology and business operations, I can offer a roadmap for startups and small businesses to navigate the challenges of expansion, ensuring that as they scale, they do it strategically, and with purpose.

Welcome to Nexa Point, where ideas meet innovation, and are transformed into reality.

MVP development

Accelerating Innovation Rapid MVP Development for the Digital Age

In today’s fast-paced digital realm, speed is everything. Our Rapid MVP Development service is designed for innovators eager to hit the market swiftly without sacrificing quality. We leverage the power of no-code and low-code platforms to bring your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to life, ensuring it’s robust, user-friendly, and ready to make an impression. Whether you’re an early-stage startup or an established business looking to pilot a new idea, we provide the tools, expertise, and agility to transform your vision into a functional prototype. Let us be the catalyst that takes your concept from ideation to tangible product, allowing you to validate, iterate, and get ahead in the market race.

Systemise & scale

Strategise and Scale Smart Growth for the Future of Your Business

Growth is not just about expanding; it’s about scaling smartly. Our Strategise and Scale Consulting service is tailor-made for businesses ready to soar but uncertain about the next steps. We combine our profound knowledge of business operations, strategy, and technology consulting to create a roadmap for sustainable growth. From process optimization to tech integration, we delve deep into the intricacies of your business, identifying opportunities and eliminating bottlenecks. With us, you’re not just growing; you’re scaling with precision, ensuring each step you take is calculated, efficient, and impactful.


Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Execution for Startups

Innovation requires not just passion but resources. CoLab, our unique equity-based collaboration service, bridges the gap between visionaries with groundbreaking ideas and the tangible means to execute them. Recognizing the challenges faced by many startups and founders with limited cash flow, we’re ready to back promising ventures in exchange for equity.  This is similar to a venture studio offering, but we’re not giving capital. We’ll build your application and work with you on positioning and go-to-market, as well as assist you in the journey to finding product market fit.

We invest our time, expertise, and belief in your idea, working hand in hand with you to nurture it to fruition. With CoLab, we’re not just your service provider; we’re your committed partners in success, ensuring your dream sees the light of day and thrives in the real world.


Frequently Asked

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What is Nexa Point?

Nexa Point is a cutting-edge business focused on developing MVP applications and SaaS platforms for startups using advanced low-code and no-code tools.

How does Nexa Point help startups with limited budgets?

By utilising low-code and no-code development tools like bubble.io and zapier.com, Nexa Point offers rapid MVP development. This provides cost-effective solutions ideal for startups and small businesses operating on tight budgets.

I've heard about Nexa Point's "no upfront cost" service. How does that work?

Instead of charging an upfront fee, we offer a unique model where we take a proportion of equity in the startup. We then collaborate closely with the startup to ensure the MVP aligns perfectly with market fit.

How can no-code app development benefit my startup?

No-code app development dramatically speeds up the development process, enabling startups to test their ideas in the market faster. It’s also more cost-effective than traditional development, allowing for iterative improvements based on real-world feedback.

Are low-code and no-code development methods reliable for long-term business solutions?

Absolutely! While they offer rapid development, low-code and no-code platforms are robust and scalable, making them suitable for both MVPs and fully-fledged business applications.

What if I have an idea but lack technical expertise?

No worries! Nexa Point’s model is designed specifically to assist entrepreneurs and startups who might have brilliant ideas but lack the technical know-how. We handle the technical side of things while you focus on your vision.

How does the equity model benefit Nexa Point?

By taking equity in your startup, we become vested partners in your success. It ensures that we’re committed to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds market expectations.