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together pottsville case study
idea to registered not-for-profit

Together Pottsville is a non-for profit focusing on environmental sustainability and disaster resilience in Northern New South Wales. 

You can find out more about Together Pottsville and the great work they do in Northern New South Wales at


Northern New South Wales faced devastating weather events in recent years, leading to a surge in community initiatives to help the affected individuals. ‘Together Pottsville’ emerged as a new not-for-profit organisation in response to these disasters, with a focus on environmental sustainability and disaster resilience. However, like any nascent organisation, they faced the challenge of establishing themselves, especially with limited funds.

The challenge

Without any cashflow but a strong desire to make a significant impact, ‘Together Pottsville’ needed a digital platform to collect data and manage basic workflows. They approached Nexa Point, hoping for a solution that matched their budget constraints while fulfilling their functional requirements.

The solution

Recognising the noble cause and the urgency of the situation, Nexa Point took on the project pro bono.

The team at Nexa Point worked closely with the team at Together Pottsville, designing and developing a user-friendly website that could collect essential data and streamline the required workflows.

Throughout the project, Nexa Point provided valuable guidance to ensure the not-for-profit organisation could maximise the site’s potential.

The outcome

The new website not only met but exceeded Together Pottsville’s expectations.

The website provided a platform for data collection to create a local directory of businesses, resources including disaster recovery protocols and a channel for local news.

Nexa Point’s contribution was pivotal in setting the not-for-profit organisation on a path to make a meaningful difference in the community and apply for government funding.


“In the face of adversity, it’s the coming together of communities and the generosity of entities like Nexa Point that make all the difference.

When we approached Nexa Point with our limited means and a vision for sustainability and disaster resilience within our local community, we didn’t anticipate the extent of their generosity and expertise.

They not only designed a fantastic website for us pro bono but also walked us through maximising its potential.

Their guidance and unwavering support have been invaluable. Today, as we make strides in our cause and begin to apply for government funding we plan to engage Nexa Point to continue to work with us.

We are incredibly grateful to Nexa Point for their pivotal role in our journey from idea to registered not-for-profit organisation.”

Founder, Together Pottsville

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together pottsville case study

You can find out more about Together Pottsville and the great work they do in Northern New South Wales at