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Little Lovelies is a trusted nanny and babysitting agency providing personalised child care across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Northern New South Wales (incl Byron Bay), Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast (incl Noosa), Central Coast and Hobart, TAS.

You can find out more about Little Lovelies Nanny Agency and book a babysitter at


Little Lovelies Nanny Agency, a renowned nanny and babysitting agency based in Sydney, was deeply rooted in manual processes. While these processes were critical to the business’s operations, they were time-consuming and hindered the company’s potential for growth.

The challenge

The owner of Little Lovelies was bogged down by repetitive, yet vital tasks, limiting the opportunity for expansion and the ability to focus on strategic growth. Moreover, the business was localized, serving only the Sydney area and its immediate surrounds.

The solution

Nexa Point began its engagement by implementing systems and processes to streamline operations. This strategic move immediately freed up the owner’s time and allowed Little Lovelies to hire additional staff, paving the way for expansion.

Recognizing the potential for further automation, Nexa Point proposed the development of a booking application. They meticulously prepared requirement documents and functional specifications, ensuring the development team could seamlessly take over the project.

Post the initial app rollout, and witnessing its immediate benefits, Nexa Point took the reins of the application’s further development. They focused on enhancing its functionality and user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient.

The outcome

With the new processes and the booking app in place, Littlelovelies expanded its horizons. From being a Sydney-centric service, they now serve a vast stretch of the east coast, from Noosa Heads in the north to Melbourne in the south, and have even penetrated markets in Adelaide, and Hobart.

Within just over three years, the results have been astounding. Littlelovelies’ revenue skyrocketed, witnessing an increase of over 150%.


“I can’t express enough how transformative Nexa Point’s involvement has been for Littlelovelies. When they first stepped in, I was drowning in day-to-day tasks, unable to see the bigger picture for my business.

Nexa Point not only streamlined our operations but also introduced us to the world of digital transformation.

Their recommendation of the booking app was a game-changer, and their continued involvement in its development ensured it remained at the forefront of efficiency and user experience.

Today, Littlelovelies isn’t just a local name, but a recognized agency across major Australian cities. Our revenue boost of 150% in a little over three years demonstrates Nexa Point’s expertise and commitment.

I am truly grateful for their partnership.”

Founder, Little Lovelies Nanny Agency 

Little lovelies logo
launch mvp app

You can find out more about Little Lovelies Nanny Agency and book a babysitter at